Designer Spotlight - November 2018

Stitch Upon A Time

Jennifer Getter-Bahmer

1. Tell us a little about yourself! What makes your world go ‘round as a designer and in general?  

Hi everyone! I’m Jennifer, designer/owner for Stitch Upon a Time! I’m blessed with two kids and a wonderful (sometimes frustrating) and gentle-giant husband. I grew up between the swamp, sand pit, and weeds in Michigan (USA) with four siblings. Because of my humble beginnings I am grateful for every single gift that I receive daily and for the gifts that I am able to give back. I believe meditation is important for your spirit and sewing is my personal form of meditation. I love to see others heal through sewing and even more so using the patterns that I designed.

2. How did you get your start as a pattern designer and how long have you been designing?

I’ve been sewing since I was ten and it quickly became a passion. Around that time I had a dream of becoming a fashion designer. I also dreamed of being a nail tech and a doctor though so there wasn’t much to indicate that it’s what I would actually do in my future. I started Stitch Upon a Time in 2010 as a sewing business. I had customers who asked for specific designs for which I had to create the pattern. When I made a pair of pants for my son and shared in a Facebook group, lots of people asked for a pattern so I obliged. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but it was fun and it pushed me to learn more. I’ve designed over 50 patterns since that pattern released in 2013, working at least 60 hours a week learning and designing in that first year. It was thrilling and also humbling.


3. What makes Stitch Upon a Time Patterns unique? How do you try to differentiate your patterns from others on the market?

Our patterns are as unique as we are. Rather than trying to differentiate from other designers, I just do what I love and what I think my customers will love too.


4. Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs? Who are you designing for?

    Inspiration comes from many different places. If I see an ad or a ready-to-wear  garment that I love then I save a picture. Later, if I decide I want to make a certain type of garment then I look through my inspiration folder. I like to combine elements from a few of my inspiration photos into one garment.


5. How would you define your ‘style’ to someone who has never seen your designs?

Our designs are made with my own body type in mind because I think that plus sizes are underrepresented by independent designers. Personally, I prefer comfort AND style...but mostly comfort. So Stitch Upon a Time designs are modern and classic but mostly comfortable.


6. What is your favorite part of the design process?

During testing there’s a point as it comes to an end where all of the tester’s garments are coming out perfect and I can see my vision come to life. That “click point” is enthralling to me and makes me even more excited to share the design with the public.


7. What do you have planned for the rest of 2018? What are you most excited for as a designer?

We have a pattern that will release in the middle of November for women. I’ve been keeping it a secret but I’ll let you guys know since we’re all friends here, right? It’s a women’s zippered hoodie pattern with some unique color blocking, extra long and warm cuffs, and a comfortable and roomy hood. I’m so excited to add this piece of outerwear to our design library. After this pattern, we might have another pants pattern coming ;)


8. Do you have a favorite pattern in your collection? Why? What do you love about it?

It’s really hard to choose a favorite! In the summer I love the Excalibur with circle skirt because it’s beautifully flattering and easy to wear. I also have to say Bunzies since they make up the majority of my underwear drawer. It would be really hard for me to go back to store bought underwear after living in Scrundies and Bunzies bliss for about 4 years! Remember, I’m all about comfort?


9. What is your least favorite thing to do in regard to sewing and/or designing?

I find sewing to be really soothing and therapeutic in general and when I take my time I love all of the steps. When I’m in a hurry though? That’s when I despise sewing on knit bands and seam ripping.


10. If you could do/accomplish anything as a designer, what would it be? What is your ultimate goal or wish in the realm of pattern design?

I’m planning to release some of my patterns in printed form, I’d love to see those in brick-and-mortar stores someday.


11. What’s your favorite kind of fabric(s) to work with?

For the last 4 years or so I’ve been sewing mostly with knit fabrics. I love how easy and forgiving they can be. But when I go too long without sewing with wovens I start to miss it. I love the fine finishes on woven fabrics; french seams, narrow rolled hems, perfect mitered corners, welt pockets. I think I have to say woven fabrics are my favorite in general... but more specifically? I have an obsession with linen.


12. Any type of fabrics on your “Do not sew” list?

I don’t like to sew with special occasion fabric. I’m a perfectionist and I find slinky/slippery fabrics to be difficult to sew perfectly. I’ll do it but not without some internal grumbling ;)


13. What kind of machine(s) do you sew on?

At our school we have the four different models of EverSewn Sparrow machines set up for customers and students to sew on and when I’m sewing at the store those are what I use. I also have my Brother serger there. I have two Janome machines, a travel and a larger machine. I prefer the simplicity of the travel machine so that’s what I use at home.


14. Anything else you want our followers to know about Stitch Upon a Time?

I’m thrilled to be in the “spotlight” this month and even more excited that you’ve read through all of my answers! “To give somebody your time is the biggest gift you can give.” Thank you for your gift and I hope to see you online or in class!
I just want to say a quick shout out to my team who I have to share credit with. Leslie Stay (admin, shop manager, customer service, sister, best friend) Sarah Vadas (admin, customer service, designer/designer assistant), Cynthia Hendrickson (admin, sew along and social media guru, assistant), Dariela Moreno (admin) , Katelyn Wells (admin)


Alexis Davis


I love all the SUAT patterns that I have, which a lot of them. But my greatest love are the bunzies and scrundlewear. My hubs will only wear made by me boxers now too. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

— Elizabeth Cook