Designer Spotlight – October, 2018

Rebecca Page

1. Tell us a little about yourself! What makes your world go ‘round as a designer and in general?

I’m a mum of three awesome kids (2, 4, and 6 years old) and live just north of London in the UK with my hubby. Life to me is family, sewing, and fashion!

2. How did you get your start as a pattern designer and how long have you been designing?

About 4 years ago I applied to be on the Great British Sewing Bee. I was on maternity leave and had been sewing and drafting for myself since I was a girl and thought it sounded like brilliant fun. I got all the way through the auditions and ended up being the standby contestant. I had to do all the challenges and prep behind the scenes in case anyone had to pull out and they needed me. It was fantastic, but in the end they didn’t need me so I didn’t get on. It was so so so much fun that I decided I should take the plunge and finally publish one of my own designs. I did and that was that! Haven’t looked back since.

3. What makes Rebecca Page Patterns unique? How do you try to differentiate your patterns from others on the market?

The detail. The instructions are incredibly detailed with a ton of tips throughout. My aim is that a beginner could pick up any pattern (even a really long, complex one like our Taylor Trench Coat pattern), and just go slowly, follow the steps and have a garment they love and are proud of at the end.

4. Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs? Who are you designing for?

I tend to design for myself. What do I wish I had in my wardrobe? What would I love to be wearing? Then I have a few of our testers and customers in my mind when I’m drawing and I picture each of them in it too. If I love it, and I think so-and-so and so-and-so would rock it too, then it’s a winner!

5. How would you define your ‘style’ to someone who has never seen your designs?

Pinterest-ey. It’s the gorgeous, aspirational type clothes you’d pin. Huge, flowing maxi dresses, tailored jackets, and beautiful blouses… all with your comfy trainers!

6. What is your favorite part of the design process?

Sharing our sample pics with our brand ambassadors and testers. After we’ve been through allllllll the design, sample, fit, grade, fit, tutorial, edit etc. etc…. then finally seeing what they think and getting their take. That, and seeing what people make. I could scroll through pictures from our Facebook group all day. I love seeing what fabrics they’ve picked, what options they go for and how they style it!

7. What do you have planned for the rest of 2018? What are you most excited for as a designer?

Ooh it’s such an exciting year! By the time you read this, we’ll have launched our pattern subscription model (pick a pattern of your choice every month!). Then later on, notions!! I’m also crazy excited for the Sofia, a shirt dress we have coming later this year. It’s just gorgeous and I can’t stop buying fabric to make more of them.

8. Do you have a favorite pattern in your collection? Why? What do you love about it?

The Taylor Trench. It’s insanely detailed and a crazily long sew, but so satisfying. The instructions are so great too. We had a few beginners in our test for it and, while they skipped the welt pockets, they did it! It’s one of those sews that becomes an heirloom piece that people are amazed you made.

9. What is your least favorite thing to do in regard to sewing and/or designing?

Finished garment measurements and pages to print charts. They’re essential but just no fun compared to sketching or whipping up a sample.

10. If you could do/accomplish anything as a designer, what would it be? What is your ultimate goal or wish in the realm of pattern design?

Ooh great question! I don’t know. I guess for sewing to be really mainstream again. That there are more people who sew than don’t!

11. What’s your favorite kind of fabric(s) to work with?

I do love denim. I’ve made maybe five or six baby Kingston Jackets as presents for friends’ newborns (because really, which baby doesn’t need its own denim jacket?!) and it’s one of those fabrics that, once you master the settings you need on your machine, is really satisfying the sew with. Just make sure to pre-wash!

12. Any type of fabrics on your “Do not sew” list?

Not really. But I do get nervous every time I cut into chiffon. I triple check I’ve laid it out squarely, and always make sure I do it once the kids are in bed…. Watching a 4 year old chase the cat directly over my carefully-smoothed fabric is not my idea of fun.

13. What kind of machine(s) do you sew on?

Janome sewing machine and Brother serger. I’ve also got a vintage Singer that is a work in progress in terms of restoration!

14. Anything else you want our followers to know about Rebecca Page Patterns?

Come sew with us! We have a heap of free patterns on our website ( so you can come try us! Then jump in and just ask any questions in our Facebook group (

Alexis Davis