Sequins are a BIG part of special occasion sewing but they can be a real pain to work with. So much so, that many of us have (repeatedly) looked the other way and passed on the opportunity to add sequin sparkle to our holiday garments for fear of failure and headache. 

The biggest issue with sequins is that, in order to really do it correctly, you need to completely remove the individual sequins from the seam allowance. That way you avoid having the extra bulk and you can sew a proper, accurate seam allowance to get just the right fit and shape. This is SUPER time-consuming but 100% worth the effort in the long run. 

Check out this great tutorial from We All Sew with some other helpful tips for sewing with sequins.

And when you've finished reading and muster up the courage, come on back here to Boho Fabrics and take a look at the beaded and sequined fabrics Emily has available in the shop! Rumor has it she has some new, especially GORGEOUS, sequin designer remnants coming soon!!! Happy holiday sewing!!

Alexis Davis
Tagged: Holiday Sewing