French Terry is hands-down one of my favorite fabrics to sew! Especially during the autumn and winter seasons. It’s versatile and is used for a variety of garments! French Terry is often abbreviated to FT.






 What exactly is FT?  French Terry is easily distinguishable from other fabrics because it has small loops on the backside of the fabric.


The good and bad thing about FT is that it comes in a wide range of fiber contents and weight. This is FANTASTIC because it can be used for so many different types of applications. However, it does put a little more work on your plate to determine which French Terry to use for a specific fabric.

2 Main Considerations:

  1. Fabric Weight
  2. Fiber Content

Fabric Weight:  one of the most important aspects to consider


Becca, one of our talented brand ambassadors, sewed up a beautiful top in our Yarrow Yellow French Terry Knit.

Fiber Content:

 In the sewing world, there is a lot of debate on how P/R/S should be laundered.  

 Here’s my take:  

It's a toughie because it depends on the blend.  

When polyester and rayon are combined in a fabric, there can be a VERY HIGH pilling rate.  

PILLING: the formation of small balls of fiber on the fabric surface.  Also known as the biggest bummer you encounter after freshly sewing a new garment and laundering it without proper care.

The safest answer would always be to hand wash and line dry.  

HOWEVER, with our busy lifestyles, I get that this is not always an option.  

If you need to use the machine, here are my pointers:

A). Always wash inside-out.  The surface (or face side) is where the piling will occur.

B). NEVER EVER (EVER EVER EVER) throw in towels, denim, or other highly textured surfaces in with your FT garments. You want to minimize the abrasion that they could encounter by reducing those pesky pills

C). Lay Flat to Dry (if you can).  

The main reason for this is the rayon fiber in this blend. It is incredibly fragile when it’s wet.  I notice a HUGE difference in my PRS blended French Terry if I’m able to line dry it.

D). If you can’t lay flat to dry, tumble dry on low. Try to only dry with other FT garments (and make sure they are all turned inside out)

Next week, I’ll be going over a Sewing Guide for French Terry! You’ll learn the best machine settings and other tips/tricks for sewing with one of our favorite fabrics. 

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Emily Pritts