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Lightening. Reversible Stretch Woven Fabric. Designer End. #3W-03

$ 9.00

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Lightening.  Reversible Stretch Woven Fabric. Designer End.  #3W-03

58-60" Wide

Weight: 9 oz

Content: Not Known, believed to be cotton/spandex blend.

*Please note with our Designer Exclusive Fabrics we ROUND DOWN the yardage.  What that means for you?!?!  MORE FABRIC!  For example, If we have a piece of fabric that's just an inch or two shy of 2 yards, we would be selling it as a 1.75 yard piece.

Or the piece may have 12" square cut out on the one end... don't worry we aren't charging you for that!  We only start measuring once it goes selvage-to-selvage.   We just HATE to waste fabric and are certain that you can put it to good use :)

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