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Project Masks: Yardage Kits for Mask Making. RESIDENTS IN GREATER SAN DIEGO REGION ONLY!

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*Limit 2 Per Person Per Order*

If you are a San Diego Sewist and cannot afford shipping costs, please use the code SDMASKS so that the shipping cost is taken off at check-out!   

These kits are made available solely for the purpose of redistribution of masks to hospitals and medical facilities in need.  Our sewing coordinator will follow up a few days after you receive your kit to answer questions.  Kits are NOT for personal use or to be resold for a profit.

Available to residents in the Greater San Diego region only.


❤️Any donations are greatly appreciated!!!  You can send them to our Paypal account:  


Kits Include:

Quilting Cotton Fabric (1 yard for 10 Mask Kit, 2-2.5 yards for 25 Mask Kit)

Optional Cotton Lining Fabric (1 yard for 10 Mask Kit, 2 Yards for 25 Mask Kit)

3/16" White Elastic (5 yards for 10 Mask Kit, 10 Yards for 25 Mask Kit)

Additional Plastic Bag to Place Masks into Upon Completion

Safety Precautions Guide


Retail Value

25 Mask Kit:  $45+

10 Mask Kit: $20+

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