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Marguerite. Watercolor Floral On Off-white With Hints Coral, Magenta Pink And Yellow. Lust Collection Double Brushed Poly Knit Fabric

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$ 9.99 $ 12.50
"Marguerite" Watercolor Floral on OFF-WHITE with hints Coral, Magenta and Yellow. LUST COLLECTION Double Brushed Poly Knit Fabric

*Florals are larger scale and perfect for women's wear

Perfect for Leggings and Tops!  This brushed poly is so soft and buttery you won't want to take it off!

58-60" Wide

Weight: 9 oz.

Content: 93% Poly, 7% Lycra/Spandex

Care Instructions:  Machine wash cold, tumble dry, cold iron, washing separately

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